Our heroes
Only a few cheesemakers still produce the Aged Artisan Gouda, The produce it in an traditional way. The cheesemakers (traditionally farmers’ wives) make the cheeses, each weighing over 20 kilograms, in traditional wooden molds lined with natural linen. The crust of this yellow cheese forms naturally with a minimal use of plastic. Only a few cheesemakers still produce the Aged Artisan Gouda.
Like all Gouda, Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas is a washed-curd cheese. Washing the curd removes part of the lactose, which reduces the possibility that acidity and bitterness build up in the aged forms. The cheesemaking starts with the warm milk of the morning’s milking, which is mixed with a starter culture made on the farm.
Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity wants to prevent this unique cheese from destiction – to achieve this Slow Food workst together with the two producers still left to produce this fabulous cheese:

Magdalene and Nico Captein
Marije and Hugo van der Poel
Hoeve Waterrijk