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Artisan cheese

Traditionally crafted

Summer in the western part of the Netherlands, the so-called Groene Hart. The meadows are full of life and the milk from the cows that graze there is full of taste. Passionate farmers use this summer milk to make an impressive raw milk cheese, the Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas – Aged Artisan Gouda. A golden yellow cheese with a rich taste that melts on the tongue, even after four years of maturing.

Boeren - Artisan

Made from raw milk from our own cows that graze in the meadows all summer.

Goudse - Gouda

Recognizable by its characteristic shape, a golden yellow wheel, that with its generous weight of 20 kilos is suitable for long ripening.

Oplegkaas - Aged

Matured for at least 18 months to develop its rich, full taste. The traditional use of wooden barrels and linen cloths makes this cheese unprecedentedly smooth.

From cow

Aged Artisan Gouda is made from raw summer milk from cows that graze in the meadows of the Green Heart of Holland.

To Cheese

The cheese is traditionally made using wooden barrels and linen cloths.

‘At the bar in RIJKS® Aged Artisan Gouda is placed in a clamp, like they do in Spain with their ham. I think that this cheese is the pride of the Netherlands.’

– Joris Bijdendijk in his book RIJKS®

joris bijdendijk handtekening 01

Our pride

As far back as the Middle Ages, Dutch farmers have made artisan cheeses in the summer. The grass of the western peat meadow area, known today as the Groene Hart, possesses a natural tenderness in the summer, making it an excellent base for making cheese.

Our quality marks

Where to buy

Like to enjoy our Aged Artisan Gouda? Look here for a point of sale near you.